Renly Update – Bath/Groom Day!

Clean puppy is clean! And fluffy! And smells oh so good!

He did pretty good for the bathing part. It was a little difficult for us both since I have to use my shower and the sliding doors get in the way. But we managed and he didn’t yell or cry or whine.

Took him into the dog room and lifted him onto the table. He immediately tensed up, as I expected he would. The forced air dryer was a little scary to him but he didn’t fight it, bite at it, whine, cry or scream. He did try to lay down several times but I coaxed him back upright. It took me longer to get him fully dry than it it takes me for both the corgi girls put together…and he’s nowhere near done growing! LOL…omg! I even dremeled his nails since he was already doing so well!

Peanut butter was my friend through it all 😉

Tomorrow I will bathe/groom one or two of the corgis, and finish up whoever is left the following day, including Ozzy.


River Update – Embark Results

I am so happy today! I got River’s Embark results back! I am beyond thrilled with her results!!

Health Testing

Full Embark Results can be found here:

Von Willebrand Disease Type I (VWF): CLEAR
X-linked Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (IL2RG Variant 2): CLEAR
Progressive Retinal Atrophy: CLEAR
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): CLEAR
Muscular Dystrophy: CLEAR
Exercise-Induced Collapse (EIC): CLEAR

Coat Testing Results

Furnishings / Improper Coat: CLEAR
Long Haircoat (Fluffy): CLEAR

Vivian Update – Happy 2nd Birthday!

Vivian’s 2 years old today! I can’t believe it! She was 6 or 7 months old when we brought her home. I have loved this girl from the first moment I met her as a puppy.

Happy birthday, Red!

This is Vivian today ❤️ Used the stacking box because I had to take pictures by myself and this was the only way to get her to hold a stack lol.

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoorImage may contain: dog

Christmas Photos!

I made 2 trips to Grand Junction today for Christmas Photos! The Grand Valley Kennel Club, which I’m a member of, did Photos with Santa today!

The first trip was me, Vivian and River. Both girls behaved beautifully and absolutely enjoyed the attention showered upon them. They both love being the center of attention.

The second trip was me, Tiffin and Ozzy. I had considered taking Tiffin and Ozzy to my local Murdoch’s for the “free” photo with Santa but on my way home with the corgis, I started thinking about everything that could possibly go wrong because Ozzy is my problem dog. He is sound sensitive, lacks confidence, is iffy with people and is male dog aggressive. I decided that it would be better to drive all the way back up to Grand Junction to have DOG SAVVY people dealing with him.

Here’s the photos!


Welcome Ryder!

I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to my pack – Ryder, future Adventure Travel cat! For this first week of him being here, I will be keeping him in a crate so that he can get used to the comings and goings of the corgis. Then I’ll start letting him out for a few hours at a time so as to not overwhelm him. He will be getting neutered in January.

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He rode in the vehicle without so much as a peep!

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He’s so chill! I love it!

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All setup in a crate in my bedroom for at night.

Image may contain: outdoor

During the day, I move him out into the crate that is usually Vivian’s so that he is closer to the corgi action.

Image may contain: dog

River wants to be his friend, but he hissed at her. She didn’t mind though. It’ll happen in time.

Image may contain: dog

Vivian keeps checking him out, too, but being respectful of his space.

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He is such a cool little guy!! Simon currently hates him, but that’ll change with time.

Vivian Progress

Last night was the monthly meeting for the Grand Valley Kennel Club and, being a member, I attended. I took Vivian with me and even had her vested. The vest I’m currently using in the photos in this entry is a tad too snug, but she wore it like a champ. I do have a temporary vest coming from a friend that I have to fix the straps on, but am working on saving up to get Vivian a brand new one…in purple because purple is her color. Anyway, she really rocked it. I put her in a Down/Stay on her blanket next to where I was sitting and she held the stay. Super proud of her!

Image may contain: people sitting, dog and indoor

Before people started showing up for the meeting.

Image may contain: dog

Laying on her blanket on the floor next to where I was sitting.

Vivian’s Quirk

For anyone who ever wonders if Vivian is sad all the time because of how she holds her ears… This is how she has them, naturally, all the time. It doesn’t matter what she is or isn’t doing, if she’s awake or if she’s sleeping, if she’s playing or just snuggling. This is just part of who she is.

I absolutely adore this little girl, quirks and all! ❤️